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Radiators and Cooling Services

Vancouver Auto Parts Radiators and Cooling Services

If your car is running a little too hot, Vancouver Auto Parts is your best choice to keep the engine running cool.

A vehicle cooling system is not a simple matter of a radiator and a few hoses. The cooling system consists of the radiator and hoses, a water pump, heater core, thermostat, and possibly an oil cooler. If any of these parts start to fail, your car’s cooling system starts to become inefficient and, in turn, the possibility of damaging your engine increases.


VAP Radiators and Cooling Services

Radiators and Cooling

Engines get hot, and if they do not cool down effectively, many issues can arise. While the symptoms of a cooling system problem can often manifest in a vehicle with clouds of smoke or steam billowing from under the hood, they can also manifest in more subtle ways.

If you are noticing any of these, bring your car to us for a cooling system check.

Dealing with any issues with your cooling system, no matter how minor, is critical to maintaining the health of your engine and can be as simple as a coolant flush and replacement or as complex as a heater core replacement.

No matter what part of your cooling system needs repair or replacement, the technicians at Vancouver Auto Parts are the pros that will have your vehicle running at the right temperature quickly and at a fair price.