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Transfer Case and Differentials Services

Vancouver Auto Parts Transfer Case and Differentials Services

Vancouver Auto Parts is your best choice for any maintenance and repairs on transfer cases or differentials.

The transfer case is specific to four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive vehicles, and its job is to transfer the power from the transmission to the axles. In vehicles with multiple modes of four-wheel drive, a transfer case is a complex and critical component of your vehicle’s ability to move.

Differentials allow the outer wheel on an axle to rotate faster than the inner wheels when turning. This is important because, without a differential, turning results in shuddering as the inner and outer wheels fight against each other.


VAP Transfer Case and Differentials Services

Transfer Case and Differentials

The transfer case and differentials are another often overlooked component of our vehicles. Being out of sight and out of mind hidden underneath, we seldom acknowledge their existence. As with the other fluids in your car, differentials and transfer cases have oil that needs to be replaced from time to time. The simple act of keeping up with this maintenance item will not only keep the complex gears inside the transfer case and differentials well lubricated, but it will alert the mechanics of any issues as they inspect the oil for evidence of damage to the inner workings of these components.

Problems with the differential and transfer case can manifest in several ways. If you start to notice any of the following, you should be bringing your car to us.

Address any of these problems immediately to avoid large future repair bills. The mechanics of Vancouver Auto Parts will take care of any differential or transfer case problems from fluid change to total replacement.